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Judgment of the Supreme Court of Sweden, 1 July 2011, Case No. Ö 170-10/NJA 2011 s. 75

HD Ö 170-10 English
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HD Ö 170-10 Swedish
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Date of decision


The Supreme Court

Case No.

Ö 170-10

Subject Matter

Challenge to execution of enforcement order due to sovereign immunity

Summary: The appellant foreign state challenged the lower court’s judgment that real property owned by the appellant could be used to execute an enforcement order of an arbitral award.  The appellant claimed that the property in question was used for official purposes and therefore protected from the enforcement order by sovereign immunity.  The Supreme Court of Sweden examined the use of the property and concluded that property was not substantially used for official purposes by the appellant.   The court rejected the challenge, finding that the property could be used for enforcement measures.