The Swedish Arbitration Portal provides free access to English translations of Swedish court decisions on arbitration issues. The Portal contains decisions from all instances of the Swedish courts on issues related to both international and domestic arbitrations. The case database is updated regularly as new translations of court decisions are available. 

The Swedish Arbitration Portal is facilitated by the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (the SCC). The project’s mission is to increase transparency in arbitration by making Swedish case law more accessible to the international community. The unofficial English case translations are provided by the SCC, with the assistance of Swedish arbitration practitioners. The Portal can be accessed through the SCC’s website,


The Supreme Court

Judgment in the Swedish Supreme Court, 4 May 2018. Case No. Ö 3626-17

Summary: The question in the application to the Supreme Court was whether there were grounds for refusing recognition and enforcement of a foreign arbitral award in Sweden on the basis that the...

Court of Appeal

Judgment in the Svea Court of Appeal, 26 February 2018. Case No. T 6582-16

Summary: The Claimant in the arbitration challenged the arbitral award claiming that the award should be (i) declared wholly or partially invalid, pursuant to item 2 of the first paragraph of...

Court of Appeal

Judgment in the Svea Court of Appeal, 31 October 2017. Case No. T 6247-15

Summary: The Respondent to the arbitration (challenging party) challenged the award under item 2 of Section 34 of the Swedish Arbitration Act (SAA), requesting that the Court of Appeal annul the...

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